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  • Book and film club in February

    In February, the library's book club runs a collaboration with the City Library's film studio. In the book club, we will read the book Carol by Patricia Highsmith. We are also invited to see the film with the same title for free at the City Library. The American author Patricia Highsmith is perhaps best known for her books about the ruthless serial killer Tom Ripley, but she is also the woman behind the classic Strangers on a Train (filmed by Alfred Hitchcock) and the romance novel Carol. The book, which is about a pass...
  • Lecture room open for studies again

    In October, we chose to close our lecture rooms due to littering. As of today, we are opening one of the rooms, C2003, for studies again. You are welcome to sit down and study if there is no teaching ...
  • Orange Week at the library

    During this week (21–27 November), Orange Week takes place around the world. The aim is to spread knowledge about men's violence against women and violence in close relationships. Several organisation...

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