To create links accessible to other users at JU, a prefix needs to be added to the link. The prefix will route the traffic via the library's proxy server and the user authenticates with their JU Account.

The following tool allows you to easily add the proxy prefix ( to an URL.

Always test the created link by pasting it into a new window or tab.

The library can not guarantee that links created with this tool will work forever. An update or change to one of the third-party platforms can cause links to stop working. These changes are outside of the library's control.

Why can't I use use the URL in the browser?

The link will not be accessible outside of the campus network if you copy the link to a publication straight from the browser's address bar when you are using any of the databases that the library provides. The platform will not know whether there is access to the resource or not. The proxy prefix on links routes traffic via the campus network when accessing remotely.

Do you need help?

You are always welcome to ask the library any questions you have regarding creating links to electronic resources.