EXTREME is funded by Vinnova within LIGHTer is about development and industrialization of high performing aluminium components in extreme environments.

Aluminium is a very competent structural material where conventional casting alloys are well established in industrial light weight solutions. However, there is a new high-performance casting alloys offer unique strength which enable increasing usage of aluminium in extreme applications in aviation industry. The mechanical, thermal and chemical states that an airplane engine is exposed to are special and extreme and at the same time the safety requirements are very strict. The alloy has such interesting properties that it might be able to replace titanium in certain location of airplane engine and at the same time provide weight and cost reduction. In order to the aerospace industry shall be able to proceed and work towards implementation, further increase of technology readiness level is required, which this project will contribute to. If this alloy is going to be competitive in the automotive industry for instance, a more effective casting method than investment casting that is used within aerospace industry is required. Therefor this project will also be working towards developing permanent mould casting for the actual alloy.