Judit Svidró

Toni Bogdanoff is a PhD student and lecturer in Jönköping University, School of Engineering. He obtained Master degree in product development, specialization in materials and manufacturing.

Toni is currently researching in the field of fatigue properties of aluminum cast alloys in CIC projects.

We are investigating the impact of microstructural features, chemical compositions, shapes and sizes of phases and their interactions with the matrix when exposed to several loading conditions such as; tension-compression, rotation bending, pure rotation, and pure bending, Toni said.

His interest for casting developed at a young age. The first time I got in contact with metal casting was when I created tin soldiers as a child. However, after making soldiers it took a while. During my bachelor thesis at Jönköping University, 2009 got interested in metal casting. The addition of alloying elements to Aluminium-Silicon alloys change the mechanical properties and significantly modify morphological shape of phases was a nucleation point to interest.

Toni is positive when he thinks about the future of metal casting. He says
- The growing demands from laws and legislation inspire researchers to develop new materials. The importance to reduce weight in the automotive and implementation of electrical cars will increase the usage of light materials. Moreover, new alloys will be developed with superior properties.