Large scientific impact for JIBS professors

The article "Economics professors' impact in science and research communication" in the latest issue of Ekonomisk debatt examines the scientific impact of Swedish professors in Business Administration and Economics. Jönköping International Business School (JIBS), at Jönköping University, ends up in the top tier in both subjects.

To find out the professors’ scientific impact, the article’s authors have looked at the number of citations in the citation database Scopus. They have used an average of annual citations for the years 2021-2022 to obtain the contemporary impact rather than the historical one.

Within Business Administration, JIBS is the institution with the most median citations per professor. With 164 citations per year for the median Business Administration professor, JIBS is described by the authors as the only “high performer”. The business school at Umeå University is in second place, with 124 median citations. The median for all examined institutions is 73.

In Economics, JIBS is in second place with 138 median citations. The Institute for International Economics at Stockholm University is in first place with 246 median citations. The median for all is 97.

“This is another study that confirms JIBS’s strong position in Sweden, which is very gratifying,” says Johan Klaesson, Professor of Economics and acting Dean at JIBS.

The article is written by Mats Alvesson, Professor of Business Administration and active at, among others, the University of Bath and Lund University, and Fredrik Sjöholm, Professor of Economics and CEO of the Institute for Business Research.