CIC Focus Area

CIC is focused on three priority areas which are developed through the basis of the Swedish industry's future needs and challenges.

  • Material technology. To develop new and existing materials is important in many fields. One example is the automotive industry where lighter components and stronger materials leads to reduced fuel consumption. New materials can also provide products with completely new properties. Examples of priority research areas are: high strength cast iron and high-performance aluminum alloys (example: high temperature resistance).
  • Process optimisation. Improved and more stable processes leading to more efficient production and also provide opportunities to use new technologies, such as additive manufacturing. Process optimisation can also create a better working environment and reduce emissions. Examples of research areas: Sustainable binders, additive manufacturing of high pressure casting tools
  • Product optimization. New technology and new materials enables new products. It is important that Swedish industry is in the forefront and constantly pushes the boundaries of what can be made. Examples of priority research areas are: Simulation of properties and residual stresses, Topology optimization, multi-material designs

The long term effects for the Swedish industry are;

  • Resource efficiency: Through efficient use of resources production becomes more environmentally friendly and also more cost effective. Eventually, the resource efficiency will be the Swedish industry's largest competitive factor
  • High performance cast components. For the Swedish industry it is very important to compete with production quality. Therefore, technologies, methods and models has to be developed, to enable the production of high-performance and multi-functional cast components
  • Zero Defects. By minimising casting defects, the possibility of using cast components in applications with extremely high demands is increasing. At the same time, it provides a more economical and resource efficient production